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I am your personal life coach & success mentor

"The Relationship you have with yourself is & will be the most important one you will always have"


The Relationship we have with ourselves is the foundation of EVERYTHING. 

  • Our communication

  • Our Resilience 

  • Our relationship with others

  • Being a steward of our own energy

  • Being able to have boundaries

  • Feeling connected

  • The success of our work and our businesses

Discovering and PRACTICING who we truly are is our journey back home to us. This is where we find freedom, ease and peace in a world that is currently causing overwhelm, uncertainty, anxieties and stress and making us feeling lost more than ever. 

We also find Courage and the Confidence to create our lives, instead of waiting and hoping to get “unstuck”.


"We like to think the world is coming at us. Its not. The World is coming from us"

Maybe we don’t need to grow or thrive to be better, neither do we need to be developed or healed, maybe we just need to be found and our true self to be discovered and return to our natural state of peace, contentment, connection, curiosity and creativity and I like to add a bit of adventurism.

Discover the true you and Practice being YOU. It is a wonderful feeling and everybody else is already taken anyway! Celebrate your individuality and recognise how special and unique you truly are.

Become your own steward of your own energy and connect with your heart – instead of your head. Having a relationship with yourself doesn’t mean everything in life is perfect but life becomes easier.


Get To Know My Practice

If your negative voice is louder than you like, interfering more than it is helpful (which it probably is!) then maybe learning to CHOOSE how you want to feel will make a difference.

In my programs I am sharing simple but effective methods that you can easily follow and apply in your day to day.

In my teachings I am sharing a decade of my own research and my own daily practices that are influenced by a selection of distinguished mentors.


How I can help you

Relationship with Self 

- Group Workshop – Over 2 days, max 6 people

- Dates and location tbc

- Starting in February 2023

- This approachable course gently guides you step by step. First, we discover who we are by realizing who we are NOT before we learn how to become the architect of your life. 

Investment: £1,259.00 incl VAT

You - Only Better

- 1:1 Course of 6 sessions

- To be arranged, via Zoom

- xxxx

Investment: £395.00 incl VAT

You - Only Better

- 1:1 coaching session as a follow up and topic of your concern

- To be arranged, via Zoom

- Become the creator of your life and find your purpose 

Investment: £65.00 incl VAT

PraceticeYou.Club – private Membership 

Coming end of 2023

- Membership club as a resource for everything Feeling good and Creating your life


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