Flying High

instead of Burning Out

Is the way you are working

and trying to “DO” life not working anymore ?

Have you achieved a level of success in your career,

yet you are dying to escape because juggling

it all is too exhausting?

Stress, Worry, Overwhelm and Burnout seem

to go hand in hand with what we call

a successful life these days

  • Are you suffering in silence and pretending everything

    is "fine"? 

  • Are you tired, worn out and feeling trapped? 

  • Do you tell yourself it’s all ok, even though deep down you feel this is no way to live? 

  • Are you hoping one day you’ll get THERE and the struggle will be over? 

  • All you want is a balanced work / life and feeling at peace with yourself?

  • You know you want to make yourself a priority but don't know where to start?

  • Do you want to make a change to the way you work and live but you don't know how?

  • Is that negative voice your constant companion, making you feel miserable, low and draining your energy?

You are not alone….

... I totally get it. I was you. I have been exactly where you are now!

Stressed out, Feeling Overwhelmed and on the brink of Burnout. Ready to walk away and leave it all behind.

The good news is I found a better way.

A balanced and peaceful life that is filled with purpose and

exciting without the hustle.

And I’m here to show you how.

You CAN...

  • You CAN disconnect your mind from the office with ease, regardless of the chaos and deadlines. 

  • You CAN set healthy boundaries and make time for yourself – guilt free. 

  • You CAN have a life that feels successful, fulfilling and peaceful at the same time.

  • You CAN manage the pace of your life and a demanding schedule. 

  • You CAN feel energetic and vibrant, and have the time and space for your family, friends and hobbies. 

  • You CAN feel at peace with yourself now and confidently looking ahead to a bright future

Life isn’t happening to you.

Life is happening for you.

You might think the world is out to get you.

That if you relax for one moment, or allow yourself some peace and quiet to recharge, everything will crumble.

It won’t.

Instead of feeling stuck and facing barriers and seeing limitations, imagine a life with the mindset of curiosity, courage and openness to attract opportunities and experience growth. 

This could be your life almost immediately!

How is this possible?

It may seem unthinkable and daunting but it is available to you.

When you realise that there is nothing wrong with you, and you are complete and you know everything there is to know, you easily flip your feelings from “it’s hard” and “it’s not working” into “this is easy and effortless”.

Your awareness of who you really are will increase and

you will be able to choose to make yourself a priority.


The basis of all my teachings is firstly to establish a relationship you have with yourself. So that we can find your true amazing self that has been hidden for so long.

I'll show you simple but effective methods you can apply in your daily life and especially at work. The exact same steps I went through to move beyond barriers and limitations and let go of outdated, negative and repetitive thoughts.


The same is possible for you.

My teachings are primarily based on the Broadband Consciousness Methodology, (short "BC") which focuses on the highest level of Consciousness.

You will be able to make yourself a priority and set healthy boundaries without excluding anyone and without the heavy burden of feeling guilty.

We will lift what is weighing you down so that you can move forward choosing how you want to feel and what you'd like to create on your journey going forward.

"The relationship you have with yourself is and will be the most important one you will always have"

Liz Ivory
The Relationship we have with ourselves is the foundation of EVERYTHING:

Our worthiness

Our communication

Our resilience

Our relationship with others

Being a steward of our own energy

Being able to have boundaries

Feeling connected

and the continuous success of our careers and work

Work with Me

Practice You

1:1 Course of 5 sessions

Get out of survival mode and let go of what keeps you feeling "stuck" .

Have more energy to focus on your goals and vision.

Effortless Unfolding 

Group online Program

10-12 weeks

Decades of study, listening and mentoring, "Effortless Unfolding`" provides a fresh and simplified look at how to proceed at life and work with awe, care and ease.

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