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Hello, I am Susanne Kubik

Welcome to “Feel Good – Courage & Confidence”. I am so happy to see you here and excited to help you discover your own Courage & Confidence. Whether you seek to feel more confidence at work or in your personal environment I am certain that together we set you up well equipped for whatever life throws at you.


I learned the “BC” – Broadband Consciousness methodology and I am a Mental Health First Aider as well as a Change Management professional. BC is a very simple but very effective approach which I am teaching combined with heaps of my own real life examples.


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My Journey

Growing up I was always labelled “the dreamer” and obviously took it as an insult.

In school I was bullied and on Sports days always picked as the last one for teams. No wonder I always thought everyone else was smarter, faster, more popular and all girls prettier than me. I never really felt I fitted in at school.


I always felt like the black sheep of the family never having finished College with a degree like my siblings did. So when I decided to live abroad in the US in my early 20’s and seemed like running away and hiding but also my first attempt to simply be Me.


For many years I allegedly enjoyed my own company, spent years on my own and literally was hiding from people and felt utterly lonely and isolated. I was so insecure that I couldn’t look neighbours in the eye to say “Hello”. Every invitation to join a party or dinner I made excuses to leave early just to feel “safe” in my comfort zone again.


“You don’t need changing, there is nothing wrong with you – you only need discovering the confidence in yourself. That is the key to the success you are seeking”

I was never proud of myself or thought of myself special even though I bravely travelled mostly on my own through the US and Central America, lived the City Slicker experience and drove cattle in Wyoming, hold a Padi Advanced scuba diving license (in need of refreshing though) which I obtained volunteering at the Centre for Marine Ecology in Honduras during a political uproar and experiencing my first Government curfew. Travelling through Baja California (Mexico) and Costa Rica on my own.


Today I still enjoy my own company but It is different, I am no longer hiding or feeling like a fraud. I am embracing people and have become a social butterfly. I am proud of who I am and FEEL confident without having to pretend. Since I have gone through BC Coaching my life has become more bright and colourful.


Thankfully I have remained a “dreamer” throughout my life and can report that most, if not all of my dreams have become reality. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and its powers. I am also a vivid Transcendental Meditation practitioner, self-proclaimed self-care Specialist and healthy living advocate.


So what is your story? I am looking forward to hearing it.